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Be healthy and fun with our selection of Vegetable Costumes or Fruit Costumes! Whether its Halloween or the middle of March (which happens to be National Nutrition Month), wearing these tasty food costumes would make your doctor proud. Even someone with the biggest sweet tooth will have a soft spot for these adorable and funny outfits. Gone are the days where junk food gets all the love. Those foods usually only come in one color: beige. French fries? Beige. Hamburger? Beige. Fried anything? The blandest of beiges. Don't be boring and beige this Halloween. Opt for something a little fresher, something that really shows off Mother Nature's elaborate color wheel. Bright yellows, greens, and oranges will look great on the dance floor or going door to door collecting sweet treats. It's never been easier to get your daily serving of veggies on a day that is known for eating candy. No matter if you love greenery or always feed your cauliflower to the dog, these veggies costumes will have everyone saying "Yum!" Be the first of your friends to know what it feels like to be a walking talking vegetable dressed in a carrot costume! It might even inspire you to think twice the next time you decide to order a side salad. How would you like to be chopped up and served with Thousand Island dressing? Even if you don't begin a crusade for plant rights, you'll be a hilarious addition to any costumed event. Not to mention what happens when you put a little kid in a vegetable Halloween costume. They'll look good enough to eat! Your relatives will come running, begging to pick up your tasty little infant for a cute Halloween photo. I've seen many a mantelpiece decked out with pictures of its occupants as children dressed in pea in a pod costumes and other fresh produce. Don't let your child be the only one who was never paraded around as a tiny pumpkin for Halloween. From corn costumes to chili pepper costumes, we've got everything you need to add a little crunch to your next celebration. Vegetables never looked so good!
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