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The Flash Costumes

Move as fast as you can in one of our The Flash Costumes! You'll be swift and speedy in an Adult Flash Costume or Child Flash Costume. Get ready to look like your favorite comic book superhero in a Flash Halloween Costume that is sure to get you noticed!

Baby Flash Costume
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Kids The Flash Costumes
Adult Flash Costumes
Toddler Flash Costume
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Traveling faster than a lightening bolt, the Flash zips by the neighborhood houses on Halloween night. Bowls of candy disappear instantaneouslyĖthe little kids dressed up as ghosts donít even know what happened when the entire bowl goes missing while theyíre reaching down to get their fill. Confused, they look around themselves but see nothing, no robber making off with a sack, no raccoon shuffling into the darkness. Soon, they realize that the Flash has come and gone! With one of our The Flash Costumes, your Halloween can be just as fast and fun! Barry Allen is a cunning, quick-witted speedster who solves crimes and serves as a model for determination and bravery. However, he canít make it to his usual post on Halloween, and he needs you to step into his shoes for the night! Can you do it?

Our Adult the Flash Costumes allow you to take Barry Allenís place without anyone even noticing! Designed to look just like The Flashís costume from the original comic books, this costume has an authentic aesthetic that is instantly recognizable as the iconic outfit that it is. With bright yellow lightening bolts over the deep red of the fabric, Flashís yellow boots and his famous mask, this costume is sure to transport you into the DC universe. From that point, itís up to you to save the multiverse.

If youíre dressing up your little one this Halloween and donít know what to do, you canít go wrong with one of our Child the Flash Costumes. Your little hero will love dressing up as Barry Allen and racing around the neighborhood at light speed. Theyíll run laps around the trick-or-treating circuit before any other kid can even get a pack of raisins! For your little one, you can get a costume thatís designed after the original DC comic books and the Flash TV series, or you can get a costume thatís based on the design from the Justice League movies! Fight alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other superheroes when you step into Barry Allenís shoes, and watch as the world zips by you faster than a bullet.

If youíre a hero or you know a little hero, you canít go wrong with one of our The Flash Costumes. Everyone will appreciate your costume when you walk (or run at the speed of light) into the party this year at Halloween dressed as an all-American classic. If youíre trick-or-treating, youíre sure to get a lot of candy as well since youíll be beating the crowds. If you have a speedster baby or toddler in your life, you can also dress them as this classic character. If you thought your baby was just learning to walk, watch what it can do in this costume!

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