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Sock Monkey Costumes

Baby Sock Monkey Costumes
Adult Ms Sock Monkey Costume
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Sock Monkey Costumes are outrageous and perfect at the same time! Turn your hobby into a full-blown costume. Hand puppets can only go on for so long until you get bored and all that pretend talking will cramp up your hand. Our Sock Monkey Costumes for adults and kids are the perfect costumes for family bonding. There’s nothing tighter than a primate’s family structure, but at the same time, there’s not a more fun-filled costume. Sock Monkeys are even approved by Kia Motors! Take a different approach at your next costume party.

Toddler Sock Monkey Costumes introduce the sock monkey phenomenon to your children early. If they have ever rolled over in laughter because of a talking sock, your children will love these costumes. Sock monkey costumes for toddlers come in different styles. You can choose between a pumpkin and a ballerina sock monkey. Your little girl will be the cutest primate to ever wear a tutu. Ballerinas, pumpkins, and monkeys come together to create an adorable natural wonder!

Sock Monkey Costumes for adults are the quirky favorites for best costume! Behold a sock monkey like you’ve never seen them before—life size. Adults can join in on the craze with their children. Parents can match their children and make all the other families jealous with an infant Sock Monkey Costume. Fit those newborns into one of these wild costumes and prepare them for what this crazy world has to offer! Whether you choose a pumpkin or a ballerina, any of these Sock Monkey Halloween Costumes are sure to please all the giggling babies and proud parents.

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