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Sesame Street Costumes

Wear our Sesame Street Costumes and join the cast of everyone's favorite kids' TV show, Sesame Street! From Cookie Monster to Elmo Costumes, we've got what you need to relive the TV magic of your childhood. We also have Adult Bert and Ernie Costumes. And for your little ones, we have lots of kids Sesame Street Costumes that they'll want to wear as much as they can. Bring Sesame Street to life for kids and adults in these outfits from your favorite childhood TV show.

Elmo Costumes
Adult Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Costume
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Sale Price: $79.95
Toddler Cookie Monster Costume
Reg Price: $50.95
Sale Price: $43.95

Sesame Street Costumes are great for young families or families that grew up on Sesame Street! No childhood is complete without these wonderful colorful cast of characters! Everyone’s favorite silly muppets are now ready to come out this Halloween when your family dresses up as their beloved Sesame Street characters. Dress up in a ever-friendly and bright Big Bird outfit or run around trying to contain your cookie addiction in this Cookie Monster Costume! With such a variety of characters to choose from, every member of your family is accounted for, especially when in The Count costume.

Elmo Costumes
Come out of Big Bird’s shadow and laugh the night away in an Elmo Costume! Children and adults alike can suit up as America’s favorite monster. Steer clear of any tickles whatsoever and you’ll turn any Halloween party into Sesame Street. Television character costumes fulfill fantasy roles and cater to children’s imaginations!

Cookie Monster Costumes
For kids, Halloween is all about the candy! Skip the trick-or-treating and get right to the point with a Cookie Monster Costume. Sesame Street’s own cookie addict invades Halloween with a sweet tooth. Feed your need for sugar and look the part while doing it with this hilarious character costume!

Big Bird Costumes
Tweety Bird who? Flap your feathers in a Big Bird Costume! You'll be able to run Sesame Street in style with a vibrant bird costume that everyone will notice. You won’t be able to fly or lay eggs, but you’ll the face of children’s television. Waddle around Halloween as one of the most recognizable faces and comforting personalities on television!

Bert and Ernie Costumes
Sesame Street has the most vibrant group of characters of any television show! The dynamic duo of Bert and Ernie has provided waves of laughter for parents and children all over the world. Friends and family can create an awesome group costume with our Adult Ernie Costume and Bert Costume. With the colorful duds to match their colorful personalities, these funny costumes will draw rave reviews from everyone on Halloween!

Abby Cadabby Costumes
Over the years, Sesame Street has turned out a boatload of memorable characters. One of the later additions was a young fairy with a broken wand. Dress your little girl up in an Abby Cadabby Costume and allow her to conjure up as much candy as she wants on Halloween. Fairy costumes captivate and strengthen children’s imaginations to new heights!

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