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Pun Costumes Article

If you're looking for a costume that's both offensive and hilarious, then look no further than these Pun Costumes! Never has a play on words been more fun than being able to dress up as them on Halloween. You'll have the best time asking people to guess what you're dressed up as!

If you're looking to dress up as classic idioms then a Couch Potato Costume is a great choice. With some snacks and a sofa attached to your rear-end, you're sure to be a hit at any Halloween party, if you're not too lazy to go to one!

Maybe you're more into the offensive side of the Pun Costume  spectrum? Then a Third Leg Costume will be just the right euphemism for everyone to get the hint at Halloween! Make sure to wear this to an 'Adult Only' party because I'm sure trick-or-treater's parents will not find this costume very funny!

Now if you're looking for that perfect picture of obscene and punny, then a Bun In the Oven Costume is a great costume idea for those expecting (or not) ladies out there looking for some laughs.

Whatever you choose this Halloween, one thing's for sure: It has to be funny and it's even better if it's punny.

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