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Halloween wouldn't be complete without some awesome Pumpkin Costumes! Picture this. It's October 31st. A cool autumn breeze caresses you as you step out into the night. The full moon shines milky and bright in the deep cerelean sky. Everywhere you look on the doorsteps of your town's homes there are bright orange...traffic cones. Or prescription pill bottles. Or no orange anything at all. No, this isn't some crazy nightmare. This is a Halloween without pumpkins. Pumpkins and Halloween belong together like a ghost belongs to an old abandoned house. You can't have one without the other. It's just not the same. Christmas has trees, Thanksgiving has turkeys, and Halloween has pumpkins. They are quintessentially Halloween, lining streets as bright Jack-O-Lanterns and lining walls as colorful pumpkin streamers. A real Halloween has pumpkins everywhere, from the streets, to the walls, to the people, especially the little ones. Pumpkin costumes on a child are essential for a Classic Halloween Costumes . These Pumpkin Halloween costumes will make your infant or toddler look straight from the local pumpkin patch. Not much looks cuter than a baby bundled in orange or a toddlers shoving candy into their mouths wearing a gourd on their heads. Pop your little sweetheart into a wagon or a pie of leaves in this getup and see the smiles now and in the future looking back at the pictures of all the fun you had. Your child will have fond memories of dressing as this holiday favorite for years to come. Pair up with one of our Ghost Costumes for a classic Halloween to remember.
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