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Pea Costumes

Not everyone likes to see peas on their plate, but everyone will love you at their party in one our yummy Pea Costumes! The pea is a humble vegetable that gets bad rap. Rejected by most picky toddlers and some picky adults, the pea is actually a great source of many nutrients, and, more importantly, makes an adorable Vegetable Costume. Everyone knows that spheres are naturally appealing. There's a reason we like beach balls, polka dots, and babies with big round eyes. While the grape gets to revel in its spherical fruitiness, where is the love for the little green pea? Counter this unfair history of prejudice with one of our many Pea Costumes. Bright green and fun, these veggie outfits are a way to show your support for this unsung hero of the produce aisle. Pair the adult costume with one of our Baby Pea Costumes and look like two peas in a pod. Your little sweet pea will look absolutely precious in one of these cute outfits, definitely good enough to eat. These costumes are also very comfortable and low maintenance. On Halloween night, you don't want to be stuck in something itchy or complicated. That will only take away from all the fun you're supposed to be having enjoying everyone else's clever costume. We hear you loud and clear, so wear these pea costumes that are truly a breeze. These outfits are easy to put on and simple to take off, not that you'll want to after all the compliments you'll get on your tasteful costume. Show the world that peas don't belong in the garbage disposal or shoved to the back of the fridge. Dress up as a plucky and proud pea this Halloween and be a healthy part of the celebration.

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