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Monster High Costumes Article

Monster High Costumes

You bought the dolls, you read the books, you watch the television show faithfully, now celebrate Halloween with Monster High costumes! These sci-fi divas make freaky fabulous. They don’t let a little thing like having monster parents get in the way of being a teenager.

Frankie Stein was just 15 days old when she started at Monster High, having just been created by a mad scientist. You may be a bit older than 15 days, but you surely know the feeling of being the new kid in town. Frankie’s problems may be a bit different from yours - for example, you probably don’t lose limbs uncontrollably, or short out when you go swimming, but you know what the outcast state is like. In a Frankie Stein costume you can be the freshest face in town, learning everything for the first time. The Frankie Stein costume is based off the Frankie Stein doll – plaid dress with a white collar with a polka dot tie and skullette pin, along with a studded belt with chains. This costume also comes with green leggings with stitching detail, so you can have that Frankenstein look without actually being made of reanimated flesh.

Draculaura was Frankie’s first friend at Monster High. You don’t come across a vampire who has a fear of blood everyday, unless you are a student at Monster High and happen to know Draculaura. You can be the sweet and friendly “Ula D” (as she is called) with a Draculaura costume. Based on the Draculaura dolls, this Monster High costume features the recognizable hot pink vest with attached shirt, and white pleated skirt with attached leggings. Unlike Draculaura, you can see in a mirror how good you look in this Monster High costume!

Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of the Werewolf and also happens to be a bestselling fashion doll! Fans of the Clawdeen doll will love the Clawdeen costume – complete with the fur collar jacket with attached pink tiger stripe shirt, purple skirt, belt, and choker. When wearing this Monster High costume, be sure to take on Clawdeen’s no-nonsense attitude and fierce loyalty.

Lagoona Blue is the Australian sweetheart from the sea, who is also the daughter of the sea monster. She doesn’t let this fearsome background get in the way of her being friendly and loved by everyone. If you’re an ocean-lover, or a fan of the Lagoona Blue doll, or both, this Monster High costume is just for you!

Top off the Monster High costumes with the Monster High wigs, for an extra authentic look. With the Frankie Stein wig, you’ll get the long black and white tresses that are clearly from her mother’s side of the family, the Bride of Frankenstein. The Clawdeen Wolf wig comes with ears attached. Wear the Draculaura wig and you there’s no need to dye your own hair pink. The Lagoona Blue wig features the sea monster’s blonde curls, tinged with blue from the chlorine in the Monster High pool.

For a freaky and fabulous Halloween, gather together your BFFs for a great group costume! With all of you in Monster High costumes, you are sure to have a monstrously good time.

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