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Mens Costumes are done right with our collection! Costumes have many uses; Halloween is a big one because of the candy, pranks, scares, and parties, but costumes exist year round. They represent an out of body experience. You can transform into a whole new person or creature.

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Once in a while, it is important that a man drops the masculine guard and lives out a dream or fantasy. Our selection of choices gives you that chance. A vast assortment of genres covers your interests. Classic, funny, movie, superhero, and more genres are open to you. Get away from yourself with one of our costumes for men!

Mens Classic Costumes strike a nostalgic nerve! Common characters from fiction, film, and folklore are well represented in the class section. If you have royal bloodline, a King Costume is the pinnacle of achievement and just might suit you. The Prince Costumes are dashing and should be a hit with the ladies. Our Knight Costumes will only magnify the valor and fortitude that you already possess. Ninja and Warrior Costumes are made for those with an inner beast that has a great fighting spirit. Modern characters also have flashy costumes that are dying for your attention. Gangster and Tuxedo Halloween costumes will have you looking spiffy and everyone will marvel at your vintage getup. These Halloween costumes for men are top notch and can only make your night better!

Mens Scary Costumes will send chills up your spine! Our scary Halloween costumes for men features all the classic monsters that haunted you as a child. Wrap yourself up as a mummy or change into a well-dressed bloodsucking vampire. The night is yours and you now have options for how you want to scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Grab a scythe and try wearing the guise of a Grim Reaper. Walk in the shoes of death himself. The list goes on. Zombie and ghost costumes are familiar faces to the horror scene and we have other unique scary costumes for men that are worth checking out.

Video Game Costumes are perfect for gamers and 80s arcade addicts. Who would’ve thought eating dots could be so fun? Add some ghosts and you have a classic arcade game that’s still popular to this day. We have many Pac Man Costumes for men in 2D and 3D. You can be Pac Man himself or one of those pesky ghosts. The Game Screen Costume lets you be the game. This is a great costume for men and also a great group costume between friends. Just make sure you choose the winning side. Another great costume between friends is the Mario and Luigi Costumes. Dress up as the plumbers with mustaches and eat legal mushrooms till your night’s complete! Halloween costumes for men should always be this fun.

Illusion Costumes for men will turn your night upside down! Take a look at these twisted costumes that give off different impression at first glance. Ever seen a gorilla carry a man in a cage or a pig barbecuing the cook? If not, take a look at these heavy-duty costumes for men that put you unbelievable situations.

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