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Adult M&M Group Costume Set of 4
Reg Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $99.95
Become everyone's favorite sweet treat with one of our M&Ms Costumes!

With our M&Mís costumes, Halloween has never tasted this sweet! If you love to snack on these little round candies of joy, then wouldnít it be awesome to dress up as one this Halloween? Have a delicious time this year with these colorful candy costumes. Now you can eat your favorite candy, while wearing your favorite candy, too! You know what they say, you are what you eat. Use these M&M costumes for your next awesome group costume idea. Each friend can dress in their favorite M&M color. Choose from our red, yellow, orange, blue, and green M&M costumes, and you and your friends can become a complete pack of M&Mís!

If youíre looking for a teen M&Mís costume or adult M&Mís outfit, weíve got you covered! Remember that you canít ever be too old for M&Ms! Even though you may not be able to devour as many as you used to or youíre Ďtoo oldí to trick or treat, our adult M&M costumes will turn your Halloween into a sweet time. For ladies, we have lovely M&Mís dresses along with womenís M&Mís suits. We also have menís M&Mís suits, so you will have the cutest couples costume or family costume idea! Find Costume has got all your favorite flavors. Choose from the classic milk chocolate to the yummy dark and peanut butter M&Mís costumes, so you can customize your M&M Halloween costume to your heartís and taste budís desires! Our costumes feature different designs on the front to suit your mood and occasion. Our M and M costumes display your favorite M&M character faces and feature the traditional M&M lower case Ďmí logo.

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