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Lady Gaga Costumes Article

Lady Gaga Costumes

Rocketing to stardom with “Just Dance” and then sealing her fate with her second single, “Poker Face,” Lady Gaga has been a headline maker since 2008. She seems to be full of surprises, in terms of her fashion, music, performance, and just about every other way. And if you’re a devoted Little Monster, then put your Paws Up this Halloween with a Lady Gaga costume!

Recreate a Lady Gaga performance in a strapless black and silver sequin dress. This Lady Gaga dress comes with a complementing face mask, to make the look all the more Gaga. It’ll be easier getting away with wearing this than with wearing raw meat while out and about this Halloween. Bring out your inner disco queen while in this Lady Gaga dress.

If your favorite Gaga song of her new album is “Hair,” then you probably know how important hair is to the Lady. She alternates her wigs as frequently as she changes her look, and that’s a lot. She broke out into the music scene with long, stick straight platinum blond hair. The Lady Gaga straight wig with bangs represents one of her most recognizable looks, even if her hair hasn’t been that way for years. Wearing this Lady Gaga wig would be like going retro for Halloween.

Another Lady Gaga hair look that made a splash was featured in the video for her song “Telephone.” When Lady Gaga danced in a prison wearing a studded bikini and heels, people couldn’t take their eyes off of her hair. Lady Gaga’s blond tresses were curled around soda can, a process, Lady Gaga has said, that she learned from her mother for curling hair. The look made haute couture out of the trashy, and will be forever branded in our pop culture conscious. Get the look for yourself with a Lady Gaga soda can wig. You don’t have to struggle with twirling your own hair around aluminum cans when you can just put on this Lady Gaga wig.

Gaga is also known for experimenting with colors other than blond for her hair. For the unforgettable performance at the 2009 VMAs in which she sang Paparazzi and then died on stage, she wore her hair curly and with hints of pink. For the 2010 Grammy’s her hair was two toned blond and yellow, to go with her inter-gallactic Armani gown. Lady Gaga wigs based on these looks are also available.

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the songstress’ fashion adventures, and it would be even more impossible to try to predict what she’s up to next, so celebrate one of her more memorable looks with a Lady Gaga costume!

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