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International Costumes

With International costumes you’ll take Halloween or your next costume party around the world! Much cheaper than a plane ticket, the international costumes are a chance for you to spend Halloween in a foreign land.

International Costumes by Age
Brazilian Costumes
German Costumes
Swiss Costumes
Native American Costumes
Mexican Costumes
Spanish Costumes
Asian Costumes
Eskimo Costumes
Get into character and practice pouring tea in one of the Geisha costumes. Or maybe you’d prefer pouring beer in one of the German costumes? Be sure you can carry plenty of steins! Strike up a Mariachi Band in one of the Mexican costumes. Work on your best echo-inducing, avalanche-causing yodel in a Swiss costume. In a Spanish costume you’re sure to be a real charmer whether you’re donning a flamenco costume, a matador costume, or a bandit costume.

Maybe you’re celebrating your own heritage, or just the heritage of your favorite vacation spot. Whatever the case may be, putting on an international costume is like stepping into a teleportation device. Go anywhere in the world while still staying in your hometown for Halloween in an international costume. It’s time to learn how to say Thank You in other languages because you’re about to get lots of compliments: Dankeschön, Dōmo arigatō, Gracias, Dank u wel.

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