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Historical Costumes

Historical Costumes can take you on a time traveling roller coaster throughout different periods. From the beginning of time to the beginning of the 20th century our collection of costumes will enlighten you to the ways of the past more than any social class could ever dream of doing. Choose a chunk of time you’re interested in, learn about the era through dress and have tons of fun doing it!

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Caveman Costumes put you in the stone ages today! Fred Flintstone couldn’t raise a bone to you if you dress in one our Caveman Costumes that come with patterned tunics that will mark you as one of the first humans to ever do it! Shout loud nothings and grunt in excess for full effect. You get to experience the freedom of a caveman garment without having to worry about a dinosaur eating you. Mens Historical Costumes don’t come more original than this. They were the first!

Mens Medieval Costumes highlight a time of legend and valor! You must save the king at all costs! Do this in a Medieval Knight Costume available in a handful of styles. Imagine yourself in a world of fire breathing dragons, wizards, and jousting and take on that character. Take off in a royal Prince Costume that will show your honor and fortitude while demonstrating your worthiness to succeed the king. If you think you’re up to the challenge, don the flashy robes of the Medieval King Costumes and rule the night! Chivalry should be your top priority. The Womens Medieval Costumes illustrate the glamorous garbs of medieval times. Become a darling Medieval Queen or Empress with a royal lineage. If you’d rather show off your humble beginnings, strut with pride in a Peasant Costume. The medieval choices are endless and even include boys costumes.

Victorian Costumes exude nothing but style, class, and confidence! Share in this prosperous era with an outfit that stands out from the rest in a good way. Dress up as a Gentlemen or a character that looks like they are straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Top hats, frock coats, and vests let everyone know what you’re about at first sight—nothing but the finest! Women Victorian Costumes are an image of high society. With ruffled dresses and big skirts, you’ll stand out louder than a peacock in mating season. Flash your brilliance in these history costumes of the Victorian Era.

Renaissance Costumes mark a time of enlightenment and growth! Strive for the greater good in a King Arthur Costume that bleeds valor and proves your warrior bloodlines. Many roles and trades that defined the Renaissance are represented with our costumes. Choose your trade or role with a Merchant, Nobleman, Peasant, Knight, Lord, or Prince Costume. Your own future is up to you. If you’re destined for a higher and more solemn calling, proceed with a Monk Costume that intimidates with a strong silence and garners respect from everyone! The Womens Renaissance Costumes span from royalty to peasantry. Long dresses with vibrant colors define this garb and you will be pleased with any choice you make.

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