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Group Halloween Costumes

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Breakfast Costumes Trio Set - Bacon, Eggs, and Pancakes
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Breakfast and Coffee Group Costume Set
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Kids Candy Costume Set - Hershey Bar, Reese`s Cups, Twizzlers, Hershey`s Kiss
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A Christmas Story Costume Set - Bunny, Leg Lamp, Crate
Reg Price: $143.95
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Breakfast Costumes Set - Bacon, Eggs, Pancake, Waffle
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Adult Vegetable Group Costume Set
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S`mores Costume - 3 Piece Set
Reg Price: $58.95
Sale Price: $50.73
Fast Food Costume Set - Burger, Hot Dog, Ketchup, Mustard
Reg Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $99.95
Adult Fruit Group Costume Set
Reg Price: $126.95
Sale Price: $109.95
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Dental Costume Set - Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tooth
Reg Price: $149.95
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Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Costume Set
Reg Price: $183.95
Sale Price: $159.96
10 Bowling Pin Costume Set
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Harlem Globetrotters Team Costume Set - 5 pieces
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Adult Domino Costume
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Fireball Group Costume Trio Set
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Our fun Group Halloween Costumes are perfect for gathering a group of your friends and hitting the town! Group Costumes turn dressing up into a more cooperative and interactive experience. And, the finished product will be a group themed creative costume idea everyone will love.

You can go as a group of M&Ms, the cast of Sesame Street or Star Trek, or even play out your favorite movie scene with a Group Movie Costume. The possibilities are unlimited - so long as you have the creativity and sense of humor to turn your group costume ideas into a sensational party spectacle. Halloween is supposed to be a social holiday, so get your friends or family together and dress up together! Why are Group Halloween Costumes so popular? Because they're the perfect way to get together in a group of friends, family members, classmates, or whatever! There's strength in numbers, so show off your style and creativity with group costumes that are sure to get you noticed. If you're looking for group costume ideas, FindCostume has just what you need to shine throughout the night. Come along with us to choose the perfect Halloween group costumes for the entire gang.

When you browse our selection of Halloween costumes for groups, you'll probably notice that most options are funny group costumes. Why? Because laughing is contagious, of course! That being said, check out our hilarious and clever Food Costumes, which give each group member the opportunity to dress like his or her favorite snack. From pizza costumes to hot dog costumes, our food costumes encompass every meal -- so get your appetite fired! In the same vein, we've got absolutely adorable Candy Costumes sure to rev up everyone's sweet tooth. If one person dresses in an M&M's costume, another in a Starburst costume, and another in a Snickers costume, the whole bunch of you will be irresistible. The same goes with our Fruit Costumes, which are just as tempting but packed with nutrients for longevity. The banana costume is our all-time bestseller, and an apple costume (needless to say) gives you your daily dose to keep the doctor away. For an added crunch, try Vegetable Costumes! Yummy, healthy, hilarious: what could be funnier than dressing up with your buddies as the entire food pyramid?

Of course, Group Halloween Costumes aren't all about food. For more group costume ideas, consider another popular choice: Crayon Costumes. Modeled to look just like the classic Crayola hues and shades, our crayon costumes are undeniably colorful and a perfect choice for adults and teens. Grab your friends and paint the town red (or yellow, or pink, or screamin' green) in a crayola crayon costume that's sexy and sweet. Or, entertain the crowd with our awesome Game Costumes, which let you play on your way to the Halloween party. Seriously, these board game costumes are not only cool -- they're interactive, too! The tic tac toe costumes have pieces that velcro right onto the bodysuit, for example. You'll also enjoy our Mario and Luigi costumes, which put you right into the shoes of your favorite video game characters. Video game costumes are awesome for all ages. Of course, so are Superhero Costumes! Dress in our Superman Costumes, Wonderwoman Costumes, Batman Costumes, and much more.

We also have an adorable collection of Teletubbies Costumes, from Tinky Winky to Po. Show your true colors -- and make funny sounds -- in Teletubbies costumes designed just for adults ('cause dancing around to silly tunes is totally not just for kids!). Finally, try solving Halloween mysteries in our Scooby Doo Costumes for adults. Whether you'd prefer to dress like America's favorite great dane or hot-to-trot Daphne, you'll have a blast in a Scooby Doo costume. And so will your friends!

Last but definitely not least, group costumes are perfect for movie buffs. Movies usually have several core characters, and Halloween is about dressing like our favorites. So bring your friends or family together this year and show off your resemblance to the latest (or classic) movie stars and characters. One great group costume idea for the entire family is our Wizard of Oz Costumes. Dorothy and Scarecrow and Lion -- oh my! The options are many when you choose a Wizard of Oz costume for each member of the group. You might also like dressing in Star Wars Costumes, which promise a night of intergalactic fun. Princess Leia Costumes, Darth Vadar costumes... the list goes on. Star Wars costumes are a perfect group costume because everyone knows and loves the movie -- and it surely doesn't get old!

If comedy cult classics are more your thing, pay tribute to one of the last decade's flicks in a group costumes that really makes people laugh. Group costumes are more than witches and vampires, or skeletons and monsters. They can also be original, funny, and downright delicious! This Halloween, include your friends or family in a group costume extravaganza that lets each member of the crew shine, while making the whole bunch irresistible to all. Everyone will love your group costume -- we know it! So go ahead and browse our amazing selection of Group Halloween Costumes today.

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