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Group Costumes Article

Group Costumes Article

No one can deny that Halloween is one of the most fun and memorable holidays to celebrate. Whether decorating, eating, drinking, going to a party, or preparing a scene-stealing costume, there are so many ways to make October 31 a special evening. It’s even more special when you’re sharing the celebrations with friends—so why not share the costume itself? A Group Costume is the best way to go for the ultimate Halloween collaboration, and sometimes there are costumes that just don’t work solo: one amigo instead of three doesn’t quite cut it.

Do you and your friends have a tradition of game night? If so, you probably enjoy it as much as we do. With a Group Game Costume, you and your group can bring a board game to the party like you’ve never brought one before! With our Twister costumes, Scrabble Costumes, and Tic Tac Toe costumes among others, you and your crew can recreate a board game collection. Everyone at the party will love your costume, cause after all, who doesn’t love some fun and games?

Like we said, sometimes there are group costumes that just wouldn’t work on an individual scale. More often than not, these are group costumes with some sort of pop cultural resonance; it can be hard to disentangle our favorite TV or movie characters from the whole cast we associate them with. Even the most memorable and distinct characters pack more of a punch as a Group Halloween costume when paired with others.

We’ve got everything you need to recreate your favorite TV cast in our group costume selection. From oldies but goodies to contemporary hits, we’ve got it all! You can get together with five or more of your friends and recreate the entire Brady Brunch in a group Brady Bunch Costume; after all, it’s not a much of a bunch if there’s only one of you, right? Earn lots of flower power in our groovy Marcia Brady costume, with a psychedelic floral blouse and short turquoise skirt. Jan and Cindy will be jealous of you!

Did you watch a lot of Sesame Street growing up? So did we! Make a group Sesame Street costume! Get together with your friends and honor your favorite childhood television favorite while dressed up as Bert, Ernie, and the whole gang. One of you can even wear a Sexy Cookie Monster costume to look cute in blue while still remaining a diehard cookie enthusiast. We’re telling you, gluttony has never looked so good. Try out dressing up as the whole cast from other childhood favorites, like Teletubbies, Scooby-Doo, or Peanuts!

The relationship between musicians has been at the heart of many of our favorite bands. Be some Brits on the brink of invasion in our Group Beatles Costume. You and your friends can dress up as John, Paul, Ringo, and George. We just hope someone named Yoko doesn’t come along and ruin the whole thing!

Fresh organic fruits and veggies usually look pretty good, but the produce section at the grocery store has never been as lively as you and your friends in our group Fruit and Vegetable costumes! From corn, carrots, and chili peppers to apples, bananas, and watermelon: we’ve got it all!

If you have kids, we’re guessing your household celebrates Halloween with even more spirit. With a little creativity, you can mix and match adult costumes with kids costumes to make to perfect family costume of any theme. Just be sure to do it now while you’re children are still young and impressionable enough not to be embarrassed by mom and dad.

All in all, Halloween is a great time to share with your closest friends. Explore our group costumes to find the ultimate way to share a great look and laughs on Halloween. You’ll be the life of the party!

Lastly, no article would be complete without giving you our top 5 picks for Group Halloween Costumes! The following are some of our customer favorites:
1. Crayola Crayon Costumes
2. Teletubbies Costumes
3. Pac Man Costumes
4. The Flintstones Costumes
5. Scooby Doo Costumes.

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