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Gilligan's Island Costumes

Gilligan Costume
Reg Price: $57.95
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Gilligan`s Island Skipper Costume
Reg Price: $45.95
Sale Price: $39.95
These Gilligan Island Costumes pay homage to one of the most beloved sitcom shows of all time: "Gilligan's Island!" These Gilligan's Island Costumes are the perfect way to bring back the fun and culture of the 60s. You can dress up as Giligan, the Skpper, Ginger or Mary Ann. Even if you weren't alive then, you probably saw the show in color during its years of syndication in the 70s and 80s or heard about it from your parents. Even today, you can still catch episodes of show because it has become a classic TV standard. Watching the wacky adventures of the castaways of "Gilligan's Island" was the perfect way to relax after a long day at school or work. The goofy characters build coconut radios, avoided cannibals, and did it all to the catchiest of theme songs. Even those who can't remember the words this know that infectious tune. What better way to celebrate this cultural icon of a show then to represent its characters on Halloween? This is a great way to get all the flair of a sitcom comedy costume with a funny and creative twist. We have several options in this category of TV costumes, from our Mary Ann Costume to the Skipper Costume. Most importantly, we have the Halloween costume of the show's namesake: The Gilligan Costume. The Gilligan Costume is not only a hilarious getup; he was also the main character of the show, making this TV costume the most recognizable. Despite his buffoonery, Gilligan had a good heart and you'll have a great Halloween in this fun 60s costume. The Gilligan Costume is perfect for someone who is lovable, but not always on his best behavior. If you have personality built for television, this is the costume for you! With all of these great outfits, you'll set sail for Halloween adventure and wind up on the shores of fun. So join us here right now, my friend, you're sure to get a smile from our wide variety of costumes inspired by "Gilligan's Isle!"

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