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Funny Costumes Article

Funny Costumes

Don’t feel like taking life too seriously? Try out a Funny Costume to entertain yourself and your friends. There’s something for everyone in our diverse selection of humorous costumes, including Food Costumes, Offensive Costumes, Pun Costumes, as well as group costumes and funny costume ideas for couples.

Funny Couples Costumes

Most things in this world are better together, including jokes. Try out a Funny Couples Costume for double the humor. With our couples costumes you’re not merely matching; you’re complementing one another’s costumes. We have unique costumes that only a pair could pull off. After all, what’s a Fork without a Spoon, or Ketchup without some Mustard? Our selection also includes famous pop cultural couples: Fred and Daphne, Carol and Mike Brady, Popeye and Olive Oyl, and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Get ready to go down in Halloween History as one half of a famous – or infamous – duo! Be two of a kind. We have a couples costume for nearly every theme.

Funny Group Costumes

Get extra laughs with strength in numbers: rally up your funniest friends for a Funny Group Costume! Get together with friends to make an even more hilarious impact as the whole crew from Scooby Doo, Teletubbies, Jersey Shore, or South Park. Or, for hungry groups everywhere, dress up as the entire produce section with our Group Fruit Costumes or Group Vegetable Costumes! Feeling thirsty? We also have great Group Drink Costumes for you and your tequila-lovin’ friends. One of the best parts about our group costumes is the variety: everyone gets to play a unique and important role to make the group complete. In fact, we have so many great group options that it might be tough getting everyone to agree on just one…

Pun Costumes

Who doesn’t love a little word play? For the creative pun enthusiasts, our pun costumes are a fun and intelligent way to liven up your Halloween. You won’t need to tire yourself by acting out a role all night long so people get the point; with a pun costume, you’re already wearing the joke! Be a Trophy Wife, a Bun in the Oven, or even a Cock Block in a pun costume. Halloween has never felt this clever. Try it as a group costume for some words with friends—after all, what’s a Bun in the Oven without its Bun Maker?

Offensive Costumes

For potty mouths and dirty minds, our offensive costumes are the way to go. These costumes are perfect for bold and confident partygoers looking to make a statement in a hilariously offensive ensemble. We have a diverse collection of Penis Costumes, which, believe it or not, are among our top sellers each year. Dress up as a Halloweenie or get creative with a punny Penis Costume, like Choking the Chicken Costume or Hung Like a Horse Costume (to name a few). Try out a Vagina costume or play doctor in an Adult Gynecologist Costume. From drug paraphernalia to an Adult Fart-O-Meter Costume, there’s something for everyone with at least a part of their head in the gutter in our offensive costume collection!

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