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Family Game Costumes

Family Game Costumes are a great way to bring family game out on Halloween! Did you ever have that one stormy night, when the TV was out, and all you had were candlelight and your family? Was it a night full of laughter, squeals, light arguments and smiles? Why not recreate that this Halloween with an interactive Tic Tac Toe Costume and stir up some competition amongst your fellow Halloween-ers! Nothing could promote family bonding more than celebrating Halloween as your favorite games! Have your child wear an interactive matching game costume to match ‘Fun’ with ‘Halloween’ this year! Go as a Twister Mat Costume and watch out for impromptu matches of twister. Don’t let your family get sucked into that videogame vacuum, bring back the joys of good old fashion games and help them realize that it’s not always about the game but the company you’re with instead!

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