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Disney Princess Costumes Article

Disney Princess Costumes

Disney Princesses as an institution has been going strong for over 70 years. And from the time between Snow White and Tiana, dressing up in Disney princess costumes has been the go-to way to celebrate them. Join in on the good times with your very own Disney princess costume.

Start with the girl who started it all – Snow White. She may have been banished to the forest, to live among dwarfs, but you can feel free to hit the town this Halloween with a Snow White costume. There are Adult Snow White costumes that feature Snow White’s traditional look – the long blue and yellow dress – and Sexy Snow White costumes that add a flirty edge to the classic look.

Next up for the Disney Princesses is Cinderella. Her underdog story is known the world over – the original Cinderella story. Your pumpkin carriage awaits you this Halloween when you’re wearing a Cinderella costume, creating a fairy tale of your very own. There is a wide selection of Child Cinderella costumes. You’re plucked from obscurity and thrown into the spotlight at your Halloween celebrations when you wear this Cinderella costume. No need for a Fairy Godmother – you’re sure to look great in a Cinderella costume.

Maybe your favorite Disney Princess movie was Sleeping Beauty – you could identify with her solitude and belief that better things await. Or maybe you just loved her dress. Whatever the case may be, you can relive the movie with a Sleeping Beauty Costume. In an Aurora Costume, you’re ready for Prince Phillip to come to the rescue. Beware of wandering Maleficent costumes this Halloween.

To start off the second wave of Disney Princess from the late eighties and into the nineties, we have Little Mermaid costumes. If you share Ariel’s adventurous and curious spirit, be sure to don a Little Mermaid costume. But try not to make any deals with villainous octopuses, no matter how tempting the offer may be.

Beauty and the Beast is often considered to be the best Disney movie, and at the center of it all is the Disney princess who made being nerdy and bookish beautiful. You’re the type who drools over a multi-level private library when you’re wearing a Beauty and the Beast costume. Belle costumes are modeled after the iconic ballroom dancing scene – the classic yellow off-the-shoulders gown with a gathered skirt.

The 21st century brought in Tiana, the Disney Princess from New Orleans. The Princess and the Frog costumes hearken back to the New Orleans’ native’s time in the Louisiana swamplands as a frog, with the lily pad inspired wedding gown the princess wears. The most recent addition to the Disney Princess family is Rapunzel, from the film Tangled. Tangled Rapunzel costumes feature the princess’ purple and pink dress. Be sure to top the look off with a Rapunzel wig, for the signature long, golden, enchanted locks.

It doesn’t really matter your age when it comes to Disney Princess costumes. Their looks, as well as their stories, are timeless and can never go out of style!

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