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Some kids born into lives of evil are coming to town this Halloween, and theyíre making a big splash! Will you join them and have some fun? From the hit Disney musical, we have all of the Descendants Costumes you could want for a spooky and stylish Halloween! The children of all of Disneyís greatest villains are growing up, and they are coming to the land of the good to seek a chance at wholesome lives. Perhaps they can break from that goal for one night on Halloween!

Our Mal costumes allow your little morally ambiguous child to embrace the thing that makes them special! Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, the evil fairy that terrorized Sleeping Beauty. Will Mal rise above the vices rooted in her blood, or will she be just like her mother? Either way, she sure is stylish! Available in standard or deluxe, our costumes are designed to look just like Malís outfit in the movie. With her purple hair and clothes of purple and green leather, Mal always looks great, no matter whether sheís doing good or bad. Check out our Mal wig and Mal costume gloves to make the costume as complete as possible!

From a different side of the world of Disney, our Evie Costumes will transport your little one into the shoes of the daughter of the Evil Queen! Evie had nothing to do with her motherís reign of malice over Snow White, but she is haunted by her legacy nonetheless. She struts into the land of the good in her awesome blue outfit. She also has beautiful blue hair which you can also buy as an authentic wig. To be one of your favorite Disney characters and have the best outfit on the block, dress as Evie this Halloween.

One of the coolest kids to descend from an evil villain is Uma, daughter of Ursula from the Little Mermaid. While Uma used to be close friends with the other descendants, she hasnít made the same jump to the good side. She is a pirate captain and a master of the seas. She wears a pirate hat, has amazing long, blue hair and wears the coolest clothes of blue and purple. Our Uma Costumes give you the best of Umaís great look with an authentic design that accurately imitates the costume seen in the film!

Any of our Descendants Costumes will make your Halloween cool, stylish, and a little bit edgy. Donít be normal this Halloween, donít fall into the same costume traps as everyone else, be different! Be an outsider, be a misfit, and show the world that you love your roots!

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