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Couples Costumes Article

Couples Costumes

You know how much fun it is to dress up on Halloween? Well, you can double the thrill by grabbing a partner and going for a couples costume! We say go all out this year and get completely engrossed in the Halloween spirit.

Funny couples costumes are sure to liven things up this Halloween. You already enjoy eating with your better half, so the fork and spoon costume is just up your alley. The dish may have run away with the spoon, but everyone knows the fork and knife will be together forever.

Even the most amateur cook knows itís hard to make a deliciously non-bland meal without salt and pepper. So, add some spice and flavor this Halloween with the salt and pepper costume. Bacon and eggs is a classic combo, just like you and your sweetie! With the bacon and eggs costume youíll show everyone that the two of you are in perfect harmony. There are pun couples costumes, as well, if your sense of humor veers that way. The plug and socket costume is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Relive your favorite funny movies for a perfect funny couples costume! Did the two of you bond over your shared love of Ghost Busters? Then couples Ghost Busters costumes were made for you. And if youíre lovers of the Toy Story series, one of you can go as Jessie and the other as Woody (or Buzz!) for a Toy Story couples costume.

Maybe you two are addicted to reruns of Popeye, or love that nostalgia rush. The Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes are a great option. Agree on a favorite TV show and run with that Ė Betty and Barney costumes, Fred and Wilma costumes, Homer and Marge Simpson costumes, Lucy and Ricky costumes Ė to name a few.

Take it back to the Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell days of Saturday Night Live with the Spartan Cheerleader costumes. Arianna and Craig may have been ostracized from just about every social gathering, but the two of you in the Spartan Cheerleader uniforms will be the hit of the Halloween party!

Take a cue from celebrity couples. Dress in superhero costumes, as Heidi Klum and Seal did in 2010 (Seal was Heidiís sidekick). Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hansou have both dressed in nurse and doctor costumes. Mariah Carrey and Nick Cannon spent a Halloween dressed in milk and cookies costumes. Think going matchy-matchy with couples costumes is a faux pas? Think again! The British It couple Alexa Chung and Alex Turner wore matching skeleton costumes for a rad couples costume one year.

You could even go Biblical with character costumes. Halloween is sure to be epic with the help of Adam and Eve costumes. (Heidi and Seal went for an Adam and Eve theme one year, too!) Dress as the original sinners this Halloween, because Halloween is the perfect time to bring out your naughty side!

Now, couples costumes are certainly not exclusively for man-woman combos. Mario Brothers costumes, Bert and Ernie costumes, Batman and Robin costumes Ė and these are just a few examples. No matter who you take with you this Halloween, you are sure to have a good time with couples costumes!

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