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Costume Hats

Our Halloween Hats will round out your look and complete your costume! Weíve got everything you need in our selection of costume hats to completely transform into the role youíre playing on October 31. From cowboy hats to fedoras, crowns, and Cleopatra headpieces, our adult costume hats will make your Halloween costume even more authentic than it already is! And in some cases, our hats will be an integral component of your Halloween costume. After all, itís pretty hard to dress up as Dr. Seussís famous Cat in the Hat if you donít have a Hat. Try a Halloween hat to give your costume that extra edge!

Adult Costume Hats
Child Hats

There are many different types of Hats to blend with your costume. Stylish top hats and Cavalier hats will distance you from the crowd. The more noticeable hats are the famous ones. Try on the hat from Cat in the Hat. It will have you standing taller than most, while the Sherlock Holmes hat is sure to spark your detective senses. All are great choices to get noticed and make this Halloween a night to never forget.

All sorts of child hats are available! Your kids will have a field day with our selection of Child Hats that span from a Freddy Krueger Fedora to Silver Tiaras. The variety is mind-boggling! Police hats are standard for those young officers in training. An official look will give your little guy all the confidence in the world. Criminals are always right around the corner. A Bandit Costume will do the job of making the police do their job. A Police Hat and Bandit are good matches for the start of a group costume. Just move out the way and let your children play cops and robbers.

Take a step back in time with our Hats that date back to times far away. A royal hat is fitting for anyone looking to establish dominance at any Halloween party. We have many different crowns for kings and queens, some with jewels and one with a turban. Royalty takes many shapes. Our Colonial and Civil War Hats are right out of the history books! Reenact the fight for freedom with Confederate and Union Army Caps or grab a Colonial Hat to feel authentic.

For a darker treat, check out the Witch Hats. All are pointy and all signify dark secrets of black magic. The Devil Creature Cap is also another good choice for those with a respect for evil.

On Halloween, Costumes are key, but Hats are what really make the look!

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