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Classic Costumes

Celebrate in a costume that never goes out of style - try one of our Classic Costumes! Impress your family and friends with an iconic Halloween look.

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From frightening to funny, we’ve got it all! There’s a reason these costumes have been popular hits throughout the years. Play a role that everyone will know and love. Be a cowgirl, a witch, a poodle skirt-wearing 50s girl, or a flapper from the ‘20s. We’ve got great options for men, too. You can be a British Royal Guard, Uncle Sam, or even a mystical wizard. Go out in style with a classic costume this Halloween!

Classic Costumes are universal costumes. They bridge age and cultural gaps through a common understanding or known image. These costumes span throughout all of history! Take a look at our Viking and Roman costumes. Feel the valor swell up inside you and incite your warrior spirit with these adventurous costumes. A different kind of fighting spirit can be found in our king costumes. Own the throne with a royal robe and crown, and walk with a royal foot that asserts your power. Combine this with a Princess costume and make for a fair pair and a noble circle. The Renaissance costumes bring expression and enlightenment to new heights with flowing clothes, vibrant in color. The arts are also represented by costumes of Shakespeare and Mozart. Let your creativity run wild this Halloween.

Magic and the supernatural are always popular choices for costumes. Ever find the need to cast a spell or stir a mysterious brew? Then our wizard and witch costumes are perfect. They range from wretched to sexy. Blood sucking Vampire costumes are sure to send chills up the back of your neck, while the Vampiress costumes combine elegance and horror for an enthralling appearance.

For the adventurous people set for battle, there are many costumes ready for conflict with the enemy. Channel your childhood imagination and play cowboys and Indians with our collection of Cowboy and Indian costumes. Or you can join the fight between good and evil. The Devil costumes provide dark temptations while the Angel costumes do their best to comfort with the appearance of heavenly innocence.

Classic costumes extend across all genres. Patriotic costumes let you strut your stars and stripes in red, white, and blue. Pilgrim costumes offer a lesson in history and a cool costume at the same time. Other cool costumes can be found in the Animal costume section that has insects and mammals in different shapes and sizes. Clowns will bring a smile to anyone’s face or cries to young children, but Halloween is about scaring each other. The Scary Costumes are wide in selection. The undead, classic horror movie characters, mummies, and many more are available for your horrible pleasure.

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