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Chili Pepper Costumes

For something a little more caliente, try one of our Chili Pepper Costumes! These outfits are sure to add some spice to any themed event. Chili peppers pack a real punch, and so do these fun Vegetable Costumes. Be the hottest attraction at the fiesta in one of these clever getups. The Adult Chili Pepper costume is perfect for a party that needs a bit more flavor. Just like the pepper, these costumes aren't for the faint of heart. The deep, bright reds will make you stand out in a room and have all eyes on you. Grab a group of friends for a fun Group Costume and dress up as a tongue-in-cheek version of the rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even your little one can join in on the fun with adorable baby costumes that will have everyone wanting to pluck your little chili pepper right off its stem. For a cute couples costume, dress your significant other up as another vegetable or, better yet, a taco. Delicioso! Peter Piper might have picked a pair of pickled peppers, but had he been picking costumes, he'd have chosen a pair of these chili pepper outfits. These costumes are easy-on, easy-off, no muss, no fuss, all awesome. Who needs a costume that requires a coating of make-up an inch thick or a wild itchy wig? The last thing you need is to be tugging at this accesory or pulling that mask all night long, especially if you have children. You want to be free to have fun and enjoy your holiday. Chili peppers are all about low maintenance. All they need is a little sunlight and water to grow and all you'll need is this costume to look like hot stuff. A unique, original choice, a chili pepper might be just the ingredient your Halloween has been missing. Give your holiday a kick to the taste buds with a bold costume. In these chili pepper costumes, you'll be feeling hot hot hot!

Adult Chili Pepper Costumes
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