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Candy Costumes

These Candy Costumes are the perfect way to sweeten your day. Why settle for what you get trick-or-treating when you can dress just like your favorite sweets? From Twix to Skittles Costumes we have a great variety of Candy Halloween Costumes for the whole family, so everyone will know about your sugary appeal.

M&Ms Costumes
Tootsie Roll Costumes
Skittles Costumes
Nerds Costumes
Fun Dip Costumes
Hershey`s Chocolate Bar Costumes
Twizzlers Costumes
Reese`s Peanut Butter Cup Costumes
Hershey`s Kiss Costumes
Jolly Rancher Costumes
Kids Gumball Machine Costume
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Adult Swedish Fish Costume
Reg Price: $42.95
Sale Price: $37.12
Candy Costumes Set - Hershey, Reese`s, Twizzler, Hershey`s Kiss
Reg Price: $239.95
Sale Price: $219.96
If you're going to a costume party, wear an Adult Candy Costume that's bound to make mouths water. Your kids will love wearing a Kid Candy Costume, since it means they can eat their candy and be it too! With Starburst Costumes, Snickers Costumes, and M&M's Costumes to choose from, you'll have a blast in our Candy Halloween Costumes this Halloween!
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