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These Baby Costumes are simply adorable! You and your little one can celebrate this Halloween with a baby Halloween costume that will keep your infant looking cute and feeling comfortable. For parents who enjoy capturing every special moment, seeing your newborn or toddler adorably dressed on a memorable occasion will be a treat. Dress your infant in an animal or Disney costume. Get laughs from seeing your son or daughter all decked out in a professional uniform. Our selection features everything you need to make the perfect baby costume this Halloween!

Your tiny bundle of joy will look absolutely adorable in any one of these baby Halloween costumes. You’ll get a kick out of seeing junior wearing the full ensemble of a Batman costume. The Batmobile may be required for the trick-or-treating experience. There are a number of baby superhero costumes to choose from, including baby Spiderman costumes and baby Superman costumes. And your little girl can join in on the fun with the baby Batgirl costume and Super Cutie costume.

Maybe you’d prefer to go the more traditional route for your little one’s first Halloween. Consider the Baby animal costumes, just think how cute your baby will be in one of the baby pig costumes or baby elephant costumes. Look out for those claws when your baby is wearing the baby lobster costume!

Dressing your baby up in a food costume will always be super precious! Show off your little one’s spicy side with a baby chili costume. Or emphasize baby’s sweet side with one of the baby candy costumes -- baby M&M costume, baby Smarties costume, or a baby tootsie roll costume. Perhaps you’d like to set a healthy eating example early, though. In which case, check out a baby banana costume, baby pea costume, or baby apple costume. We can all agree that it doesn’t get much cuter than a baby peanut costume, right?

Expose your baby to the wonderful world of Disney at an early age with baby Disney costumes. Your girl will look so sweet in a Baby Minnie Mouse Costume. And if Mom and Dad are fans of Winnie the Pooh, you’ll find no shortage of baby costumes to fit your needs here. Winnie the Pooh costumes are aplenty, including the Baby Piglet Costume, Baby Eeyore Costume, and Baby Tigger Costumes.

Check out the funny baby costumes and give yourself a real chuckle this Halloween. Your little one is already so good at making you laugh, even before he or she has learned how to talk. The funny baby costumes will be a constant source of amusement for you and everyone around. Your little one may not be in on the joke just yet, but you’ll have a good time showing off Baby in one of these funny costumes.

You’ll always remember baby’s first Halloween, so make it extra special with one of these baby Halloween costumes. And be sure to take plenty of pictures because your little one will love seeing them when he or she is not so little anymore!

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