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Animal Costumes

Our selection of Animal Costumes will bring out the wild in you! With everything from pigs, cows, chickens, monkeys, bunnies, lions and so much more! We've got exactly what you need to create a jungle of fun on Halloween. Plus, you can dress the entire family like cute creatures, since we have a large assortment of animal suits for all ages whether you're a kid or an adult!

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Toddler Dalmatian Costume w/ Hat
Reg Price: $25.95
Sale Price: $21.95
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Kids Zebra Hoodie
Reg Price: $14.95
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Adult Squirrel Costume
Reg Price: $91.95
Sale Price: $79.95
Adult Giraffe Costume
Reg Price: $72.95
Sale Price: $62.99
Adult Camel Costume
Reg Price: $83.95
Sale Price: $72.95
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Beaver Mascot Costume
Reg Price: $128.95
Sale Price: $111.95
Crab Mascot
Reg Price: $287.95
Sale Price: $249.95
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Adult Zebra Costume
Reg Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $58.95
Adult Fox Costume
Reg Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $58.95
Adult Brown Bear Mascot
Reg Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $58.95
Adult Yellow Chicken Mascot
Reg Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $58.95
Adult Grey Wolf Costume
Reg Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $58.95
Kids Ride A Pony Costume
Reg Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $33.95
Kids Ride A Camel Costume
Reg Price: $86.95
Sale Price: $74.95
Toddler Carry Me Horsey Costume
Reg Price: $32.95
Sale Price: $27.95
Kids Anaconda Snake Costume 7-10
Reg Price: $45.95
Sale Price: $39.75
Toddler Llama Costume
Reg Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $17.95
Kids Flamingo Costume
Reg Price: $33.95
Sale Price: $28.95
These Animal Costumes are perfect for animal lovers of all ages! If you like pets, wild animals, or both, then listen up: FindCostume has all the classic, funny, and adorable animal Halloween costumes you could possibly dream of. Animal costumes aren't just for children, either. Check out our wild-inspired selection of animal costumes for adults, kids, and the whole family. We even have animal costumes for animals themselves (see: Pet Costumes). If you're into nature and its wonders, dress in an Animal Costume that makes you happy.

Make the entire zoo come alive with unique animal costumes that bring fun and creativity together. Kids and babies love monkeyin' around in Monkey Costumes that make them feel like their favorite jungle swingers. Pretend play will be all the more fun when they're dressed in monkey costumes for kids. Or, how about a super cute Pig Costume that turns them into their favorite farm animal? They'll squeal with delight when dressed in a pig costume for Halloween or playtime. Finally, they've got a good excuse to roll around in the dirt or make their room into a pig sty. Another favorite for little ones are our Cow Costumes, spotted with fun for all ages. They'll love mooving around in such a cute cow Halloween costume.

Next on our list of preferred animal costumes are Bug Costumes. Just because insects are the smallest members of the animal kingdom doesn't mean they're any less important! Your little one might think creepy crawlers are gross, but our bug costumes are so cute that they'll want to dress like them all the time. Some favorites are ladybug costumes and bee costumes. Buzz around for hours of fun! Or, try another classic like a Lion Costume, equipped to intimidate and entertain people of all ages. Give your best roar in a lion costume this Halloween.

Of course, our collection of Animal Costumes includes other classics, like Cat Costumes, including sexy cat costumes for women. Get ready for a catty night out with one of these classic animal costumes. You'll also enjoy our wildly popular Penguin Costumes, bound to give you 'Happy Feet' anyday!
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