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Angry Birds Costumes

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Why do the Angry Bird Costumes have such a bitter expression on their faces? These birds can fly, they’re colorful, and they have a giant slingshot! What could they possibly be mad at? In one fell swoop, they can knock down the sturdiest wooden houses and destroy those evil green pigs…those same evil green pigs that stole the their eggs. Maybe they should be angry!

Angry Bird Costumes are a guaranteed night of action! Which side are you on: the birds or the pigs? You can choose between the red, yellow, and black bird, but if you want to play the role of the villain, you can try a King Pig Costume on for size! These costumes were inspired by the popular mobile game, Angry Birds. People from all over the world have taken part in the house crashing adventure. Now is your chance to get the upper hand on everyone else by choosing a video game costume that everyone will love and recognize.

The Angry Birds Red Bird Costume puts you in the spotlight, center stage in the war with the green pigs. Both adults and kids can be the main character from the popular video game. The fearless leader comes in a full body costume or just a headpiece, depending on what you prefer. Expect those famous frowned eyebrows and unapproachable scowl. The Yellow Bird Costume and headpiece shines with a bright yellow color, but has a displeased grimace that’s just as menacing as the expression on the Black Bird Costume. Each bird has a bone to pick with the one responsible for all of this. That dastardly King Pig started a war he cannot win. Green, with bug eyes, a fat snout, and a crown, the Angry Birds King Pig Costume is wretched and evil, but his highness has the eggs. Will the Angry Birds get the eggs back, or will the King Pig win? Choose your ending with an Angry Bird Halloween Costume!

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