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2012 Crayola Costumes

“Color inside the lines!”  That’s the first lesson learned when children begin to color.  It’s tough to master at first but sooner or later each image in the coloring book will look like a Van Gogh painting.  Coloring books are great for a child’s mental development and coordination, but soon crayon and paper gets boring.  When that happens, the walls of a home can become the coloring book.  At that point, it’s time to call the big boys!

To see the next step in the coloring evolution, click here!  These new crayon costumes will hone the artistic talent.  Become one with your favorite color, and use Halloween night as a canvas.  Groups of friends can choose their favorite colors and attack every candy cove in the neighborhood.  Huddle together and create a crayon box that Crayola has never seen before.  We have blue, green, purple, pink, and more.  Liven up the dark paths of Halloween with these vibrant colors! In these troubled days, a group is definitely necessary for a Halloween adventure.  The more the merrier and the safer you’ll be.  For further assistance, take a look at one of our crayon costumes for pets.  Man’s best friend always makes for a great companion.  Dogs are loyal to a fault and appropriate for a spooky day like Halloween.  Above all else, what dog wouldn't look cute as a button with a crayon top? Crayons are a staple of everyone’s childhood.  Pay homage to the roots of artistic intrigue with a Crayola Costume!

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